Build Project Leaders 

Unlock your team's growth. The only learning platform focused on skill development for project people. 

Build Project Leaders 

Unlock your team's growth. The only learning platform focused on skill development for project people. 

Build Project Leaders 

Unlock your team's growth. The only learning platform focused on skill development for project people. 

Build Project Leaders 

Unlock your team's growth. The only learning platform focused on skill development for project people. 

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People Make Projects A Success

Big projects have high stakes and rely heavily on Project Professionals performing at a high competency.
You want to be confident your team not only has strong technical aptitudes, but also solid soft skills to adapt and perform better overall.
That’s why our online Learning Platform is designed to guide project professionals to learn and grow beyond their limits. We focus on developing solid processes, proficiency in software, and encouraging confidence and leadership.

Take Away the Stress of

High Attrition Rates

Finding and retaining skilled labor in the project industry can be difficult, leading to shortages and increased demand for qualified workers, which can impact project schedules and costs.

Lack of Skills

With high turnover, emerging technologies and tightening budgets, it falls on Project Managers to ensure their team members are up to speed. Without help and resources, lack of training ends up causing re-work, delays or worse.

Poor Development Plans

Without having a standardized process for addressing training and development needs for your team and crew members, they won’t have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their roles effectively and adapt to changing project requirements. 

There's A Better Way to Train Your Team

A complete Learning Platform for project people. 



Give your team the resources they need. We work with your team to identify their areas of needed improvement and create custom learning paths for them. We routinely check-in to ensure everyone is meeting their goals!



On-Demand and Interactive Training that covers all areas of project controls. Beginner and Advanced courses on theory and foundational software. As well as live sessions with experts and access to training on new and emerging technologies in the industry.



Easily identify how much progress your team is making; who is excelling and who needs extra encouragement.

Managers Dashboard

Our Manager's Dashboard gives you timely reports on your team's progress through the learning roadmap as well as performance metrics on quizzes and workshops.

Support Community

You’ll also get access to our Support Community where our consultants, veteran project professionals and experts answer you and your teams’ questions about our training, software, or even a daily work hurdle.

Your Team Will Learn 

in-demand skills and groundbreaking software with the top courses taught by real-world experts.

Foundational Skills

Our Construction Planning & Scheduling as well as Primavera P6 Professional Foundations course cover Critical Path Methodology and the skills of building a Primavera P6 scheduling from scratch. 

Advanced Skills

In our Advanced P6 Schedule Building and Advanced P6 Progressing with EVM courses, your team will learn to build and progress a cost-loaded schedule, change process, financial periods, and EVM skills.

Analysis Techniques

Learn to analyze project schedules and improve schedule quality with tools such as ScheduleReader and Deltek Acumen Fuse. Navigate delay claims with our Forensic Schedule Analysis course.

Artificial Intelligence

Learn to leverage Artificial Intelligence emerging tools in construction project management. Deliver better project outcomes by using Generative Construction skills with our ALICE 101 course.

They Say

James Beckett

Senior Construction Project Planner Tomlinson

Where Plan Academy really did attract us was their ability to train our users on the theory first, so they could efficiently use the software to deliver the planning and scheduling results we're looking for. We know that Plan Academy and its services are perfectly aligned with Tomlinson in achieving our goals and objectives for its people.

Our Learning Platform

Self-Paced Video Library

Weekly Live Training

Unlimited Users

Frameworks & Support

Development Plan

Certificates & PDUs

Simple and easy

Ready to Grow?

A faster, easier, stress free solution to get your team on track and build a project leading team.

Frequently Asked Questions by Project Managers

What plans are available for my team to join?

We offer two plan options depending on your team size and the benefits you seek.

Our Pro Plan gives your team full access to our Learning Platform for a full year with unlimited users. It includes Weekly Live Training sessions: Learning Labs, Guided Practice Sessions (GPS), and Expert Sessions where we tackle different industry topics, technical training, and course-specific workshops. In the Pro Plan your team has the freedom to learn at their own pace following a Development Plan that we customize to meet your (the Group Manager’s) goals for the team.
The Grow Plan is a limited-user customizable learning plan. Your package is determined based on the course tier you choose - Foundation level, Advanced level, or all courses - as well as the number of users you wish to enroll. You qualify for the Grow Plan up to 10 users. The Grow Plan does not include access to our
Weekly Live Training sessions or our customized Development Plans.

Both plans come with access to our Manager's Dashboard, Support Community, and unlimited access for 1 year.

What courses are included in my plan and what will my team learn?

The Pro Plan includes access to our full Course Library - including Primavera P6 foundations and advanced courses, Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis, and ALICE 101. In the Grow Plan you decide which course tier your team needs; Foundation Level includes Construction Planning & Scheduling and Primavera P6 Professional Foundations. The Advanced Level tier includes Advanced P6 Schedule Building & Advanced P6 Progressing with EVM. You can also bundle all courses in the Grow Plan.

How much time does it take for my team to complete your training courses?

It depends on how much time your team members dedicate to their Learning Roadmap. Our courses are between 5 to 20 hours long. They include lessons, quizzes, and workshop assignments to be completed. Each user will have a custom Learning Roadmap that gives them a suggested timeline to successfully complete training within the first year of access. Our Customer Success team has regular check-ins with the Group Manager and learners to encourage milestones to be met.

How will I benefit from enrolling my team in Plan Academy's plans?

Our plans ensure that your team members develop their skills in the areas vital to project success. We "build project leaders" - meaning a team of reliable, knowledgeable, and skilled project controllers who can ultimately improve your project performance. The knowledge and skills gained from our on-demand courses, live training sessions, and resources sets your team ahead of competition. Our development plans, Manger Hub Analytics and Customer Success also support your team milestones and goals to be met.