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Advanced P6 Progressing
with Earned Value

Learn advanced Primavera P6 skills including
Earned Value Management, Financial Periods, Change Process and much more in this fully immersive On-Demand course. Understand how P6 works at a deep level.

  10+ Hours of On-demand Video
  4 Homework Assignments + 7 Quizzes
  Advanced-level Content
  Checklists and Systems to Implement
  Course Certificate
  Perfect for Intermediate - Advanced P6 Users
  Language: English (with subtitles)
  Instructor: Michael Lepage

5.0(16 ratings)
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I want you to be ready for ANYTHING they want to throw at you.

From using Earned Value Management in P6, to storing actuals with financial periods,
managing a schedule change management process, to sneaky P6 settings and much more...

This course is going to have you prepared for the most complex scheduling tasks in P6.

Join me and learn what it takes to master Advanced P6 Progressing.

advanced p6 progressing techniques

What You Will Learn

  • Learn to progress complex P6 schedules... using Earned Value and Financial Periods
  • Learn everything about how to implement and track a project using Earned Value Management in Primavera P6
  • Discover how P6's Financial Periods can help you better capture historical actual values
  • Master rebaselining projects, especially using a project with actuals as a baseline
  • Learn change management procedures for properly implementing change requests in P6
  • Practice your skills by working with a realistic cost and resource-loaded schedule
  • Go deep on essential P6 settings that impact how you progress
  • Get checklists and downloadable processes you can implement on your own projects
    and much much more!

Another high quality, easy to follow, information packed P6 Training Course from the Plan Academy. All the essentials you’ll need for better understanding of Progressing, Earned Value, Financial Periods, Reporting and more!

Peter Ashurst

Manager, Project Controls | Modern Niagara

Plan Academy has offered some of the best resources for Primavera P6 learning. With this course, Plan Academy has filled a gap for advanced scheduling, and earned value management. High recommendation for this course.

Aditya Arya

Managing Director | Stoneboy

What You Get

Here's what you get access to:

85+ Video Lessons

Professionally recorded videos that teach you to advanced P6 methods step-by-step.

Challenging Quizzes

Lock in your learning by completing quizzes for each module.

Project Files

Download project files and follow along with the videos.

Training Platform

Track your progress and earn awards as you complete your training.

Homework We Review

Practice your new skills by completing assignments, then upload your work to us for review.

Support Forums

Ask questions, get advice, tips & feedback from our experts in the support forum.

Course Duration and Outline

Understanding the Project - 45m 51s

The Gotham City Watermain Project

5m 31s

Getting Familiar with the Baseline Schedule

10m 59s

Reviewing the Schedule Specification

12m 26s

Understanding the Contract

6m 55s

Module Quiz: Understanding the Project and Spec

10m 00s

Preparation for Progress - 56m 58s

The Crystal Clear Project Tracker

19m 33s

21m 13s

Setting a Baseline in P6

8m 01s

Copying, Restoring and Exporting P6 Baselines

8m 11s

Progressing the Project - 51m 17s

On the Frequency of Project Updates

2m 00s

How to Progress - The Crystal Clear Project Updating Process

13m 15s

Month #1: Progress Update

18m 02s

08m 00s

Module Quiz: Preparing for, and Progressing

10m 00s

Financial Periods - 1h 22m

3m 54s

P6 Prerequisites for This Training Module

3m 27s

Period Performance in P6 - How It Works

4m 54s

Understanding What Data Gets Stored

4m 57s

Creating Financial Periods or FP Calendars

9m 56s

Setting Up the Project for Period Performance

3m 59s

15m 48s

Displaying Period Data in P6

7m 52s

Graphing Period Data in P6

4m 03s

Editing or Correcting Past Period Data

4m 19s

How to Delete Stored Period Data

4m 48s

Importing & Exporting Period Data in P6

4m 10s

Module Quiz: Financial Periods

10m 00s

Financial Periods Module Wrap Up

00m 41s

Progressing the Project Part 2 - 1h 50m

Getting Ready to Track Financial Periods

5m 08s

Storing Period Performance

4m 22s

Analyzing Month #1 Update Results

12m 44s

MISTAKE! Fixing Miscalculated Units

11m 17s

Month #2: Progress Update

10m 59s

Workshop #1: Update #2 Costs

60m 00s

Easier Updates with Expected Finish

05m 58s

Module Quiz: Progressing Part 2

10m 00s

Earned Value Management in P6 - 3h 12m

6m 15s

EVM Example: The Fence Project Part 1

11m 33s

EVM Example: The Fence Project Part 2

6m 55s

EVM in P6: Fence Project - Baseline & Layout

9m 41s

EVM in P6: Fence Project Walkthrough

11m 39s

The P6 Earned Value Essentials CHECKLIST

15m 22s

6m 05s

Digging Into % Complete Fields for EVM

10m 53s

Earned Value Graphs in P6

9m 40s

Understanding Cost Spread Data in P6

10m 11s

Deep Dive on P6 Planned Dates & Admin Settings

14m 17s

Exploring Earned Value Without Costs in P6

9m 28s

Workshop #2: Earned Value Management

60m 00s

Module Quiz: Earned Value Management

10m 00s

Earned Value Module Wrap Up

00m 30s

Progressing the Project Part 3 - 2h 22m

GCWM Project: Looking at Earned Value So Far

3m 11s

Month #3: Progress Update

17m 34s

Analyzing Month #3 Update Results

4m 37s

8m 38s

Generating Earned Value Reports

12m 18s

Out of Sequence Progress: Finding & Fixing

8m 18s

Using Retained Logic Schedule Settings

9m 15s

13m 09s

Fixing Errors Up to This Point

5m 26s

Workshop #3: Advanced Progressing

60m 00s

Change Management - 2h 31m

Concept: Implementing a Schedule Change Request

4m 12s

Importance of GUIDS & Activity IDs for Baselines

3m 15s

Intro to Change Order #1

4m 47s

Implementing Change Request #1

18m 54s

Workshop #4: Change Management

60m 00s

Rebaselining the Project

4m 37s

Comparing 2 Different Baselines

6m 58s

8m 55s

EOT: Keep SPI Accurate When Rebaselining with Actuals

10m 51s

PROCESS: Making a Change to an Existing Baseline - Part 1

13m 35s

PROCESS: Making a Change to an Existing Baseline - Part 2

4m 47s

Change Management Wrap-up

00m 49s

Module Quiz: Change Management

10m 00s

Advanced Reporting - 1h 18m

Reviewing Schedule Specification

5m 27s

Print Settings & Printing the Gantt Chart

14m 52s

Building a Monthly Progress Report

6m 30s

Creating the Critical Path Report

3m 23s

Printing Resource Graphs

6m 42s

Creating the Cash Flow Report

6m 21s

Turning Layouts into Reports

8m 05s

7m 43s

Reporting on Financial Periods

6m 31s

Module Quiz: Change Management

10m 00s

Conclusion - 2m 30s

Final Thoughts on the Course

2m 30s

This is a very good course, Michael explained in very detailed all the aspects of progress reporting and what’s happening behind the scenes when P6 calculates Earned Value Management. I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know exists, like financial periods buckets, which are a great feature and solve a big problem in reporting, when the previous dates are stored as were performed and not redistributed by P6. Also I have seen great features in reporting...

Cristuinea Stefan

Course Reviews

Who Is This Course For?

(New Users of Primavera P6, this course is for you.)

Student #1: You already have experience managing project schedules in Primavera P6 in the real world, but you want to take your skills to the next level.

Student #2: You work for a contractor and have already completed a Primavera P6 training course, but you want to learn how to progress schedules that are cost- and resource-loaded, using Earned Value.

Student #3: You are a seasoned planner & scheduler ready but need a refresher on the advanced features of planning & progressing schedules with Primavera P6.    

Your Instructor

Michael Lepage - Primavera P6 trainer & course developer
Meet Michael Lepage

Hi, I’m Michael, Chief Learning Officer here at Plan Academy.

I’ve been working in Project Controls & with Primavera P6 software since 2007. I'm a member of the AACE, a speaker. a blogger, a YouTuber and a consultant.

But primarily I'm an educator & course developper who loves to share his knowledge and help engineering & construction professionals like you master Project Controls. 

Teaching is a passion of mine and so is technology. When I put them together, Plan Academy was born. I hope you like what you see!

frequently asked questions

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Training?

The total course duration is specified in the outline above. You can complete the training as fast or as slow as you like. It’s completely up to you. However, you will have access to the course for the full term of your package.

What Version Of Primavera P6 Will I Learn?

This course is best completed using 

Primavera P6 Professional Version 21.x  or later.

The course covers new features that were released in Primavera P6 Professional Version 23.12. It's highly recommended that you complete the course on this version.

If you have an earlier version of Primavera P6,  most of our training videos are still applicable as the core of the software has barely changed over the past 8 years. You can complete this course using these versions, but some topics may be hindered.

Primavera P6 Professional Version 23.x
Primavera P6 Professional Version 22.x
Primavera P6 Professional Version 21.x
Primavera P6 Professional Version 20.x
Primavera P6 Professional version 19.x
Primavera P6 Professional version 18.x
Primavera P6 Professional version 17.x
Primavera P6 Professional version 16.x
Primavera P6 Professional version 15.x
Primavera P6 Professional version 8.x

I Don't Own The Primavera P6 Software. Can I Learn From Your Course?

Yes. If you don’t already have a copy, a trial copy Primavera P6 Professional is available and we’ll point you to it. In fact, training video #1 will show you step-by-step exactly how to download and install the latest version of Oracle Primavera P6 Professional. You’ll be up and running with trial copy in no time – one that you can throughout your training.

NOTE: Oracle Primavera P6 only runs on Windows and does not run on Mac.

Is This Training Right For Me?

This training is aimed at project controls, engineering and construction professionals working in industries such as Construction, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, & Energy.

The training will be helpful for anyone from complete beginners to intermediate level students looking to fill their gaps with Primavera P6. It’s also perfect for anyone who has previously used P3, SureTrak, Microsoft Project or Primavera Contractor or anyone looking for a refresher on Oracle Primavera P6 Professional.

Why Should I Take This Course Today Instead Of Waiting?

It’s time for you to take action. Simple as that. If you really want to learn Primavera P6 and be successful then you need somewhere to get answers for all of your questions.

You need support, community, and most of all… accountability! Plan Academy is that place. If you really want to make a difference, the time is now.

7-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

When you register, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’ve received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the first 7 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

“We’re so confident that you’ll find Plan Academy useful that you have 7 days to change your mind. We won’t make you beg or invoke any silly rules or conditions – if you’re not satisfied within your first 7 days then we’ll refund you without any fuss.”

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