4 Tips To Sharpen Your Focus and Prevent Distractions At Work [INFOGRAPHIC + VIDEO]

distractions at work

How many times a day are you interrupted by distractions at work?

According to a University of California Study on digital distractions at work, it takes approximately 25 minutes to get back to the task at hand after a distraction.

We are left to our own devices and It’s up to us to stay on track, especially with the large amounts of information we’re processing on a daily basis.

The 20 seconds you expect to take to check Facebook or Instagram turned into 25 minutes of unproductive time. Distractions at work are everywhere. No matter where we turn there will always be something that will put a great big pause on whatever you were doing. Whether it’s emails, texts, online notifications, etc, technology can weight down productivity and cause great distractions at work.

Did you know that we have about 11 minutes of undivided focus on a task before we get distracted?

So how can you zero in and stay productive? Reduce the chaos and distractions at work with the 4 tips provided below in the infographic by On Stride Financial on how to focus at work in the age of distraction.

  1. Organize your workspace: Declutter, declutter, declutter
  2. Organize your time: Work in focused bursts, set your own hourly goals
  3. Organize your inbox: reduce alert notifications, designate time for email
  4. Take a Digital detox: switch off your devices for an hour, work away from a computer if you can

Check out the inforgraphic below for details on how to implement these tips.

 Sharpen Your Focus and Prevent Distractions At Work

Here’s a great TEDTalk by Tristan Harris on How better tech could protect us from distraction.

Do you have any special focus techniques? How do you deal with the distractions at work? Share in the comments below and help out your fellow Project Professionals tackle their distractions.


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