Plan Academy helps Train 100 New Schedulers

The Challenge:
One of North America’s largest and most respected engineering and construction corporations, and with so many projects in-flight, GC is constantly hiring new project schedulers to help deliver projects.
Most project schedulers attend their in-house training program where they learn how to schedule projects the corporation’s way.
But nowadays, many newly hired college graduates, destined to be schedulers, are missing knowledge around the foundations of scheduling and require training before enrolling in the in-house programs.

The Solution:
Plan Academy enrolled 100 of GC’s schedulers into our self-paced training course Primavera P6 Foundations. The schedulers were given access to our video-based curriculum on Primavera P6 where they could download files, follow along and complete assignments.
Plan Academy’s Primavera P6 Foundations course guides students through the lifecycle of a project using Primavera P6 Professional.
Students were given a timeframe to complete the training course prior to the next program. GC managers were given access to Plan Academy’s Analytics dashboard to monitor their employees’ progress through the training.

The Results:
The corporation’s students who completed Plan Academy’s training prior to attending their in-house training reported a much better understanding of Primavera P6.
GC’s in-house trainers were better able to focus on delivering their training material rather than reviewing prerequisite topics.
Overall new hires were more satisfied with their training and felt better prepared for real-world scheduling on challenging construction jobs. And managers reported increase confidence in their new hires as they were engaged in real construction projects.

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Michael is an avid project controls blogger and is the Chief Learning Officer here at Plan Academy. Michael has taught 1000s professionals how to use project controls software like Primavera P6 over the past 10 years through his online courses and tutorials. Michael is a member of AACE, the Guild of Project Controls and holds his PMP certification from PMI.