9 Top Construction Bidding Websites You Should Know About

If you haven’t heard, there are some great construction bidding websites out there that can help contractors find new projects that are the best fit for their area of construction expertise.

Searching for construction bid opportunities online can be a real pain for contractors. Where should you look to find the best construction jobs to bid on?

Should you visit your local municipal or government site for public bid opportunities? It could take hours or days to sift through the jobs to find the right one for your construction company.

Rather than spending countless hours searching every source for jobs, contractors can take advantage of the best construction bidding websites to find commercial projects online, where bids can be submitted directly.

Good idea right?

But be careful – there are LOTS of bidding websites to choose from.

To help you find the real gems, I’ve complied a list of the best construction bidding websites that can help link contractors with private and/or public sector projects that align with their expertise.


11 Best Construction Bidding Websites


BidClerk1. BidClerk

BidClerk is a construction bidding website that has over 400,000 projects that are added to their database yearly, with 1.1 million active contacts and commercial projects. BidClerk has projects submitted from all over North America, with the ability to search for projects by location. Their project summaries are very detailed which means less time wasted on research. Subcontractor’s can get Plan specific project details, the contacting method, the project type, and contacts just to name a few. Subcontractor’s can also search for a project based on sector, pre-bids, building use, construction type, etc.

Subcontractor’s can also track a projects progress, forecast project opportunities, get instant project updates and receive alerts.

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2. Dodge Construction CentralDodge Construction Central

Dodge Construction central allows subcontractors to search based on business type and provides industry trends, construction leads, bid management, and custom research. They also provide a resource where subcontractors can find 100,000+ products for the construction project.

Another great feature to help prevent extra work and reduce risk, Dodge Construction central has a checklist for subcontractor pre-qualification.

>> Register with Dodge Construction Central to view project information.

3.Construction Bid Source Construction Bid Source

Construction Bid Source has projects located in the United States which can be filtered based on state. There website allows for pre-bids and provide all project details to make sure the subcontractor is bidding on what would work for them and/or their company. Subcontractor’s can also search by project type and dates it was published.

>> Register with Construction Bid Source to view project information for free.

4. Construction Market DataConstruction Market Data

Construction Market Data provides all the market data subcontractor’s need when looking for project leads to bid on. Subcontractor’s can search based on Canadian or U.S construction project leads and get help with their spec writing feature.

Construction Market Data tracks commercial construction projects and provide alerts which can help subcontractor’s focus on the leads that best fits the subcontractor’s qualifications.

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Government Bids5. GovernmentBids.com

GovernmentBids has been providing construction bids since 1998. Subcontractor’s can find numerous government RFP’s, contracts, bids, and procurement systems that can be searched by category and region. This website offers thousands of bids with regular alerts that match what subcontractors are looking for.

This website is the noted as the #1 source for Federal, State and Local government bids.

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iSFt6. iSqFt

iSqFt has over 800,000 professionals using their construction bidding website to find construction leads, build relationships, control the bidding process and perform digital takeoffs. This bidding website helps subcontractors understand the market and provides them a space where they can search several private and public commercial construction projects in each phase.

Win more bids with iSqFt and build relationships with over 1,500 GCs in the iSqFt Network.

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Construction Wire7. ConstructionWire aka BuildCentral

ConstructionWire is another great construction bidding website that allows subcontractors to search by project, a company and even a person – from that, subcontractor’s can filter the project based on location, the life-cycles stage the project is in, the project type as well as the value of the project.

This bidding website offers comprehensive reports that can help with the decision-making process. Gain access to key stakeholder profiles, company profiles, leads on private and commercial construction projects that are in various stages – planning, bidding and pre-construction.

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BidCentral8. BidCentral

BidCentral is BC’s largest construction bidding website with over 10,000 companies and over 50,000 construction project opportunities. With detailed project information in one place, subcontractors can browse the pre-bids and bid on numerous public and private projects directly. BidCentral has advanced tools that can help search for projects that align with the contractor’s qualifications as well as have email notifications when new bids are posted.

Subcontractors have access to a private plan room, intention to bids tools, contractor directory, opportunity matching and more bidding management tools.

BidCentral has a special online bidding feature called BOBS, their online bidding for subcontractors allows contractors to submit secure bids to general contractors who would then have enough time to compete a bit to owner. This feature is used when a bid has strict security.

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Biddingo9. Biddingo.com

Biddingo.com is a construction bidding website that offers government and private projects. It connects suppliers to buyers from a range of industry sectors such as the Provincial, Municipal, Education, Crown Corporation, Housing, Construction and Healthcare sectors and Private companies all over Canada.

Browse their over 5000 new bids in Canadian and access over 30,000 historical and current bids – Biddingo has daily searches with email alerts that match the bids and company profiles subcontractors are interested in.

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BidNet10. BidNet

If you’re looking for government focused bids, BidNet should be your first stop. You can search for bids from a wide range of industries in numerous states, and subsectors. This Construction Bidding website compiles federal, state and local government RFP’s and RFQ’s all over the United States. Their advanced notification alert feature allows you to get the latest bid months before so you can better strategize your proposal.

BidNet has 9,000 products and service codes that will help users target the sectors that align with their company and much more.

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Merx.com11. Merx

Merx have thousands of bidding opportunities that are updated daily on the website from government organization across Canada. You can also search the website for bids from Canadian public tenders, U.S tenders, private construction, agencies, crown and private corporations.

Find the right bid project for your services by filtering their wide range of bids by region of delivery, organization type, etc. When reviewing the bid, you will be provided with details project information such as time left to bid, the agreement type, submission process, associated documents and more.

>> Register to view project information and try it as a supplier or buyer.

Have you used any of these construction bidding websites before, what are your thoughts about them?

Do you have other construction bidding websites that your fellow professionals can consider?

If you haven’t, would you use one of these websites?

Start a discussion, leave a comment below.
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