Subcontractors using Reflection Projects in Oracle Primavera

Featured this week is a great way to use Primavera P6 Reflection projects.  If you’ve perused our other Primavera P6 tutorials, you may already know reflection projects are great for working with and managing scenarios.  But they can also provide a way to preview and selectively approve activity updates from sub-contractors or other groups.

The key to getting project updates to merge back to a master project is in the setup.  Make sure you’ve created your reflection projects before you export them to .xer and send them off for an update by the subcontractor.  However, if you missed this key setup piece, I’ll walk you through a workaround so the reflection merge will still work.

Approving and merging updates is ideal for larger projects where there might be multiple subcontractors providing updates.  This video tutorial walks you through exactly that situation and walks you through some of the pitfall as well.


We’d love to hear your feedback.  Is this approach helpful to you?  How else are you using Reflections?  What did you learn?  What’s missing?

Drop us a line in the comments! Enjoy!