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Globally, the construction industry is adopting modular construction over site-built construction more and more.

Modular Construction can have up to 50% time-savings overs traditional construction and an average construction time of 180 days.

What Is Modular Construction?

modular construction

Modular construction is when independent sections of a structure are built in a controlled site, typically in a plant or warehouse setting. These ‘modules’ are then transported on-site and erected together as one by the contractors.

According to the Modular Building Institiute, some advantages of utilizing modular construction are:

  • Less Site Disturbance – Workers, suppliers and equipment traffic on-site is reduced greatly.
  • Less Material Waste – A controlled site makes it easier to recycle and protect the structures material.
  • Flexibility of Use – Modules can be relocated, assembled, and refurbished with minimal energy.
  • Reduce Construction Schedule – Modules can be produced at the same time the site is being prepared; which reduces the completion date by 30% to 50%.
  • Eliminate Weather Delays – Whether risk is minimized because 60% to 90% of the construction is being completed in a factory which, in turn produces a faster ROI.
  • Safer Construction – Working inside a controlled environment reduces accidents for workers.
  • Built to Code with Quality Materials – The modular buildings are also required to follow the same building codes as site-built construction.

Challenges of Traditional Construction

The infographic below clearly illustrates how many more steps traditional construction requires as compared to taking a modular approach.

The clear advantage is that construction of mods can be done at the same time as on-site work. With this approach, we minimize the challenges we face on-site such as weather and lots of people working in a limited space.

Modular construction is faster, greener, smarter, and provides great returns on time and money.

As you can see in the modular construction vs. traditional construction infographic below, the modular approach looks like a great fit for today’s construction challenges and technology-focused world.


What method of construction do you find your firm using the most, modular or traditional? Do you think modular construction will soon phase out the traditional construction methods for good?

Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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Featured image: ‘The Interlace, Singapore’ by Mike Cartmell