5 Ways A Project Viewer Will Fix Your Project’s Communications

5 Reasons A Project Viewer Will Improve Your Project's Communications

Project-oriented organizations are often spending valuable time and resources to find ways to share the project activities and schedule to team members in the hopes of saving bucks on the total number of deployed software licenses. This contingency plan is usually applied for the team members that are only executing the project tasks and need not change anything in the overall project plan. It is not because these team members are considered as less crucial to the project’s success, but mainly to save expenditures on costly Project Management software licenses.

Project-oriented companies solve the issue for these expenditures, by printing out or sending project schedules to team members in PDF format. Summing this up, the project schedules are created natively in Primavera P6, but shared in .pdf file format, so as to make a workaround of having licenses for all of the team members.

Watching from the other perspective: the team members that are assigned to the project, experience a certain adversity in regards to this rudimentary form of receiving the project schedule, leading to a negative side effects and missed opportunities to build a more effective team environment and greater collaboration between everyone involved.

Recently, some of the software companies around have noticed this issue of cut-out in project information and less effective functioning of project teams, and have created suitable solutions to enable a more affordable means to this ache.

Project organizations can worry no more on using the time consuming and, as I mentioned before, rudimentary means to share the project schedules in .xer and .xls format. The new approach is to use a reader tool for these type of files that are created with Oracle Primavera P6 software.

Users can save a lot of time and effort, and money as well, to have the project team members informed in full, regarding their project activities, project WBS, resources, etc.

Here are 5 advantages for companies of using a project schedule reader tool to help disseminate project information:

1. A project viewer provides an interactive overview of the project. Each member can view specific parts of the project plan, and move through the various options and settings this type of tool offers. With printed .pdf sharing, users receive their tasks, and have no overview of how they fit in the whole of the project.

2. It is a secure way to deliver project plans to project team members and serves the right information to the right people. If all team members have a project reader at their disposal, then there will be no lags in delivering updated project schedule information to everyone, including the project stakeholders.

3. Sharing the entire project plan provides a clearer organization to Project Schedulers and Project Managers, in terms of having a better way to organize which team members view which tasks and project information, and minimizes time wasted when sharing project schedules through printed PDFs.

4. Project schedule readers provide many options to the project team, giving a clearer overview of the whole project and providing opportunities for improvement in synergies between the project team. A team with a clear picture is going to be motivated and can lead to improved performance by each member.

5. A project viewer will save you money spent on expensive licenses for key Project stakeholders that only need to view the project schedule. This type of software acts as a cost-effective means to deliver the Project information to the outer project stakeholders and consultants, serving that information in an adequate dashboard and professional setting, while at the same time saving tenfold on software licensing to satisfy the need to deliver such information.


These are just some of the main benefits of deploying this type of software in your organization, and have the whole project team informed regarding any changes or updates in the project schedule, at the same time save significantly on time and additional resources to deliver this crucial project information. There are of course long term advantages in regards to the overall team efficiency and positive effects on achieving greater collaboration and synchronization between members of a construction team.

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Joel Roberts is a Project Management Consultant and an established author with more than 12 years of experience in working for Seavus Project Viewer and PrimaveraReader– solutions for viewing and analyzing project plans by the project team. She is passionate about Mind Mapping and innovation management and her articles have been featured in more than a hundred project management and business websites.