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We all like freebies, right? Construction management is all about reporting, managing projects and capturing data that is used to depict the project status.

Developing or perhaps finding the right construction management template can take time and therefore you will be less productive.

Don’t reinvent the wheel, someone already did it for you and we have facilitated even more as we have put together a list of resources for you to use. The following templates are designed to make your life easier and your projects running smoother. Like these free construction project WBS examples.

Check out the list below for  7 free construction management template tools that you can use (they aren’t list any particular order).

1. Gantt Pro

Gantt Pro

Gantt Pro offers a good variety of construction management templates to keep track of the planning phases of your project. The features include design, procurement, construction and even payments.

The product will facilitate prioritizing tasks, dependencies and keep track of the project progress.

The templates are easy to use and you can request a demo through their website. These templates will allow you to focus on your project rather than spending time creating forms. Some of the templates can be used for cost management, resource management, tasks and responsibilities Most of the templates are designed in such way that the major tasks of a project have been defined already and with just a few tweaks they can be customized to your needs.

You can request a demo or go directly and but the software starting only at $15 per month.

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2. Smartsheet


Smartsheet is a system that employs Microsoft Excel sheets to facilitate your project execution. The Idea behind Smartsheet is to automatically update and create reports including budget, bids, document tracker, reports, pay schedules and many more.

Some of the best features of Smartsheet is that it can be combined with Google Drive, Box and other team sharing platforms. The sheets are also used to share date and visualize it in many ways. The sheets have strict control requirement and are ideal for waterfall and agile projects. Smart sheet is available to try and then depending on your needs they can offer enterprise packages suites to meet your specific needs.

The system offers full security and different platforms services for construction management professionals. You can go for the trial and demo version, or if you want more robust applications, then you can sign up for the individual plan or the corporate plan starting at $25 per user per month.

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3. Construction Logs

Construction Logs

Construction logs is another good source for construction management templates and documents that you can use.

The site offers many different templates that allow construction managers to save time, increase productivity and even better, no subscription is needed, and it can be accessed by unlimited users.

The site offers free templates for scheduling, estimates, project finance and controls and regular construction management templates such as RFIs, logs, time tracking and many more.

You can try all templates risk for free for 60 days and they also have an upgraded package that requires subscription called the contractor package pro that has over 28 templates. Their features include project schedule, annual schedule, construction bid, concrete estimates, RFI logs, submittal logs and change order forms.

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Construction Management Template Tools

4 FormsBids


This site offers many construction forms allowing you to customize the reports and templates as needed. Their templates are free to download but you might require some time tweaking those to your needs. You can download proposal templates, bid templates, invoices, budget and daily reports among many more.

They’re free to download fillable and printable construction PDF files. If you are looking for a specific formats you might not find it, but they have a good variety of templates.

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5. Vertex42


Vertex42 is a good source for excel users. The templates are useful, practical and better yet, free.
The site provides construction schedule templates, critical path method, project budget, earned value management templates, project tracking logs, to do list, project timelines, simple schedules and many more.

The sheets can be downloaded and customized easily for your project specific, so a construction manager can be ready to submit and share the information he/she captures during the project planning and execution stages.

The templates are all free to download, but they also offer more resources if you sign up for their pro package.

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6. Sample Forms

Sample Forms

Construction management can be simplified if you use these free forms. Sample forms offers more than 21 templates, free to download. Yes, they are free. The site has building construction, concrete, contracts, change orders, daily reports and many other typical construction management forms. They have different formats and file extensions free with just a click.

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7. PDF Filler

PDF Filler

PDF Filler is one of those all-around template tools. They allow you to save editing time by automatically redirecting you to edit your document online and send away. PDF Filler’s features include but no limited to offering encrypted folders, audit trail, signature authentication, and high-level security.

If you work with multiple tools, PDF filler can also integrate with Box, Xero, Salesforce and more. Compress, convert and edit your PDF document all online in one place.

The templates are all free to download. Simply click on “fill now”, fill out the form and print. They also offer a basic and premium plan which starts from $6.67/month.

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There are many resources available right at your fingertips. Some free, for purchase and others that offer both. The bottom line is that there are resources available for you to use and be the best construction manager out there.

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