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The job market is flooded with applicants who are looking for a Project Manager position, but how do you differentiate yourself?

Making a good first impression is the most important thing when applying for a job in person or online. Your Project Manager resume speaks for you and is a piece of information that is used to communicate who you are and what you have to offer that particular organization.

With that said, creating a resume from scratch that’s professional, compelling and stands out from the rest will take some time. This process can be overwhelming to think about. For example, how many pages should it be, what font size and style should you use, what format do you use, do you include internships… and the list goes on.

If this is you and you’re trying to craft a professional Project Manager resume or just want to spruce up your existing resume, using a Project Manager resume template may be the way to go.

A Project Manager resume template is an easy way to help you achieve a professional resume with resume templates and examples. You simply enter your information and click generate to have your customized resume automatically produced.

To help you get on your way to crafting your persuasive Project Manager resume, I’ve explored the web to find some of the top Project Manager resume template tools that offer free and paid services.

Below are websites that you should look at for the best Project Manager resume templates and examples. Some resume templates listed below are specific to Project Management positions.


These Sites Have The Best Project Manager Resume Templates


Zety has good project manager resume templatesWith Zety online resume, you can search for Project Manager resume templates and Zety will generate a list of resume samples that will help you create your best Project Manager resume.

Zety offers cover letter builders, 20+ resume templates, suggestions to help you improve and tips from experts to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. All of this is done with a text editor tool that you can use to customize and make it your own.

Check out their website >> Zety


Enhancv Resume BuilderEnhancv is known to have the ultimate guide for Project Manger resume templates and examples, Enhancv has over 100,000 expert samples from users.

Enhancv’s process is made simple. By selecting the Project Manager resume template you’d like, it will automatically reload to the editor view so you can get you started. If you like to customize your resume, make it your own as a creative, this tool offers 1000’s of backgrounds, colours, sections, icons and template styles to choose from.

Design isn’t the only thing that’s important, Enhancv also provides a content analyzer that give you prompt feedback on any duplicated elements, to common phrasing mistakes/grammar. Simply create, edit, and download/share for more feedback.

Check out their website >> Enhancv

how to find the best project manager resume templates

KickResume Resume BuilderKickresume offers a library of 1198 Project Manager resume examples and counting from people who were hired by the world’s top companies, like Oracle, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, PepsiCo, etc.

Kickresume allows you to tailor your Project Manager resume with their customization tool to change the colours, fonts, and formats to match how you would like to be presented through your tailored Project Manager resume.

Kickresume also has a help center with grammar correction and samples to help you easily create a professional and authentic Project Manager resume that is personalized to the industry and position.

Check out their website >> KickResume


Make sure you’re using the right project controls terms in your resume.

Make sure you're using the right Project Controls terms >> Download The Ulitmate Project Planning & Scheduling Glossary Here <<


ResumeGenius Resume BuilderResumeGenius has a library full of free Project Manager resume templates that can be downloaded and edited.

Search within the Project Management category on ResumeGenius to get a list of sample resume templates and examples that you can use. For example, construction project manager, machine operator, mechanical/civil engineering, etc. The resume templates on ResumeGenius were gathered from HR professionals and career advisors and has been approved by a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Mark Slack.

You can simply copy and paste your text or customize your Project Manager resume with their tools. This is great for beginners because they offer writing tips that are specific to the industry, and it’s free.

Check out their website >> ResumeGenius Resume makes it easy to search for a Project Manager resume template. Find the template, click edit, and then you can immediately start personalizing the Project Manager resume template with your own credentials.

If you’re unsure about what details go where, or what you should include and omit, has instructions and examples on each sections of the resume to make sure that it’s tailored to you with the right details and in the correct written format.

Check out their website >>

project management resume templates.

StandardResume Resume BuilderStandardResume is used to craft a professional PDF and web resume from your LinkedIn profile; and it’s free.

Easily import your information from your LinkedIn profile and use their tool to personalize it with the design and write features Standard Resume has. Once you’ve created your resume, you can download it as PDF and start applying to job postings.

Check out their website >> Standard Resume


Indeed Resume BuilderIndeed is listed as the world’s #1 job site where you can build your Project Manager resume, search for job postings, and apply instantly. Crafting your resume with Indeed is very easy, just follow the template examples, enter your details, and share it with employers on Indeed.

This process is great if you’re a minimalist, because Indeed’s resume tool doesn’t offer much for personalization – you can however, set your resume to public which allows 1.5+ million companies who are searching for qualified candidates to find your Project Manager resume and likely book an interview with you.

Check out their website >> Indeed




Would you use an online resume template tool to help produce your resume?

Have you used one before? Was it successful or not?

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