We examined how Tomlinson, the leading Eastern Canada transportation infrastructure and environmental services company, leveraged Plan Academy’s training platform for strategic planning and scheduling to optimize project execution and foster professional growth among its employees.

Tomlinson specializes in large-scale construction projects, including warehouses and infrastructure like roadways and bridges.  They aim to streamline operations and enhance project management capabilities across their diverse portfolio to ensure project and customer success.


One of Tomlinson’s most complex projects was a 2.5 million square foot warehouse facility adjacent to Amazon. This undertaking required meticulous planning and resource management, including 24 excavators, 6 dozers, and 85 triaxles daily, across multiple concurrent projects. The challenge was not only to meet stringent timelines but also to maintain superior quality amidst high project demands.


To address these challenges, Tomlinson has been using Primavera P6 for project management and scheduling. They partnered with Plan Academy to support their employees with the best Primavera P6 training they need.

Tomlinson integrated Plan Academy’s training platform into its professional development framework. This included both online courses for theoretical knowledge and practical application as well as on-site training. Employees progressed through beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, earning certifications at each stage to validate their skills.



  1. Enhanced Project Efficiency: By implementing rigorous Primavera P6 training, Tomlinson significantly improved project planning and scheduling capabilities. This allowed for better resource management and timely project deliveries.
  2. Employee Development: Tomlinson conducts 100-200 training programs annually, empowering employees to advance their skills and qualify for higher responsibilities. Plan Academy’s structured approach ensured that each employee could track their progress and achieve career milestones.
  3. Competitive Advantage: Equipped with enhanced project management skills through Plan Academy’s training platform, Tomlinson gained a competitive edge in the industry. Clients benefited from accelerated project timelines and improved quality standards, reinforcing Tomlinson’s reputation for reliability and efficiency.

Future Outlook

Moving forward, Tomlinson remains committed to continuous improvement through ongoing training and the adoption of innovative project management solutions. By investing in its people and processes, Tomlinson is poised to meet evolving client expectations and sustain its leadership in the construction industry.

Tomlinson’s strategic partnership with Plan Academy exemplifies a proactive approach to addressing industry challenges through advanced training. By prioritizing both project excellence and employee development, Tomlinson not only achieved operational success but also set new benchmarks in the construction industry.

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