p6 settings videos

Primavera P6 sure has a lot of settings. Endless options, preferences, customizations and tools means a lot of confusion for almost any regular P6 user.

Luckily, to try and help ease your climb up the mountain that mastering P6 can feel like, Plan Academy has been releasing a series of helpful videos covering the many settings and options inside the sometimes-perplexing software.

If you follow our YouTube channel, or our own Video Channel right here on PlanAcademy.com, you may have come across this new video series recently.

In each video of the P6 Settings Video series, I pick a setting and break down what it does and how to best use it. I also give my recommendation on how you should be “setting” these settings in Primavera P6.

I cover all of Primavera P6’s User Preferences, Project settings, and even some important Admin settings.

Here’s an example

Ever wonder what P6’s “Recalculate Actual Units and Costs when Duration Percent Complete changes” does? I’ll show you in the video below AND recommend how you should use it.

P6 Setting: Recalculate Actual Units and Costs when Duration Percent Complete changes



It’s been interesting diving into some of Primavera’s most basic and oft-used settings and options in order to analyze and describe how they’re most effectively used. You never know what tidbit of knowledge, or new trick you might discover that makes using Primavera that much easier.

Check out ALL Primavera P6 Settings videos on our Video Channel. At the time of writing, we are still recording new tutorials for this series so bookmark the page to make sure you can easily check back for new helpful videos and tutorials.