Top 10 Benefits of enrolling at Plan Academy

Plan Academy delivers expert Primavera P6 training when you need it.

Online training is effective and offers flexibility that classroom training doesn’t. Here are 10 benefits of enrolling in Plan Academy.

1. Learn on Your Own Time

Can’t sleep and pondering about Baselines in bed? No problem. Log in anytime. You get 24/7 access to all of our Primavera Courses, How-To Tutorials, Support and more!

2. Save Money – Compared To P6 Classroom Training

Most traditional Primavera P6 classroom courses cost from $1500 to $2000 and only last 3 days! Plan Academy offers a full year of access to our expert Primavera P6 courses and tutorials for a fraction of that – $1197. That means you’re saving over %40 on the cost of training! But what about travel costs? Or lost productivity while taking the classroom course? If you factor those costs in, then your savings is much closer to %50 to %70! Wow!

3. Get Help

If you ever get stuck (and you will) our Community is the place to get help. Ask your questions, post screenshots or files and our expert moderators will answer. It’s that simple.

4. Top-quality Videos

Compelling videos use screenshots, narration, live action, smart boards, charts, graphics, and audio. Check out some sample video lessons from our training courses.

5. The Right Know-How… There When You Need It

Most projects take many months from start to completion. Some features of Primavera P6 you won’t need until later in the project. So trying to learn ALL features in a 3-day classroom course seems silly when you may not use that feature for months. Our online learning service delivers the topics you need, when it’s appropriate to learn them.

6. New Content

We’re always adding something new. It could be a new video, a workshop to test your skills, or a new Course. We add new content often to help you keep your skills up to date in our fast-paced world.

7. Get Challenged

Our course Quizzes check if you’ve retained what you’ve learned. And our hands-on Workshops let you prove it.

8. Bookmark Your Favourites

Our Bookmark feature lets you create a list of your favourite videos or lessons.

9. Learn What You Want

Plan Academy’s Courses are presented in small chunks, so it’s easy to find quick answers to specific questions. You can also watch an entire course from end to end if you choose to. Or search for a topic you want to learn about.

10. Expert Teachers

Our authors and instructors are respected professionals in their fields, and passionate about sharing their expertise.