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Introduction to Generative Scheduling - ALICE

Construction optioneering for capital projects

Learn how to deliver better project outcomes by leveraging the power of AI + generative construction with this self-paced course.

  5 Hours of Training
  Certificate of Completion
  Perfect for Beginners or Intermediates
  Language: English
  Instructor: Michael Lepage

One-time payment of USD $125

About the Course

Learn a new way to schedule using ALICE Technologies. ALICE is the world's first construction optioneering platform that helps General Contractors to easily create, explore, and update construction schedules that reduce risk while cutting construction costs and build time. This course will teach you how to use this tool alongside Primavera P6. 

Michael Lepage provides a step-by-step overview of: 

  • How generative construction scheduling works and how it differs from the traditional CPM scheduling method
  • How to set up a simple project in ALICE
  • How to leverage ALICE to enable “optioneering” on a project
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Course Outline

Module 1: Getting Started - 2m 14s

Welcome to ALICE 101 Introduction to Generative Scheduling

2m 14s

Module 2: The Problem with CPM Schedules- 11m 05s

The Problem with CPM Schedules

11m 05s

Module 3: The Parking Lot Project - 33m 26s

Exploring a Simple ALICE Model

5m 09s

Understanding Recipes in ALICE

5m 43s

How to Generate Schedules with Optioneering

8m 46s

Optioneering Part 2 - Exploring Additional Solutions

7m 44s

Crew Saturation Analysis

6m 04s


10m 00s

Module 4: Building a Generative Construction Model - 1h 16m

Building a Generative Construction Model

5m 18s

Introduction to the Gotham City Watermain Project

8m 31s

Opening the Starter Project and Organizing 2D Elements

5m 22s

Understanding and Settings Support

4m 30s

Adding 2D Work Elements to the Project

20m 21s

Grouping Elements in ALICE

8m 34s

Making a Backup of the Project

2m 44s

Creating Calendars and Defining Work Periods

13m 06s

Setting Up Labour Resources

3m 45s

Setting Up Equipment

4m 04s


10m 00s

Module 5: Building Recipes - 1h 32m

Building the Compound Setup Recipe

18m 15s

Assigning the Compound Setup Recipe

9m 20s

Building the Excavation Recipe

6m 59s

Introduction to Custom Properties in ALICE

11m 47s

Completing the Excavation Recipes

5m 13s

Building the Tunneling Recipe

8m 43s

Importing Recipes from Excel

5m 34s

Adding Milestones to the Project

11m 12s

Adjusting the Model to Meet Milestone Dates

15m 16s


10m 00s

Module 6: Creating Parametric Schedules - 1h 21m

Parametric Models: Why Our Project is Not Parametric

8m 09s

Adding Costs to Our Project in ALICE

12m 18s

Revising the Tunneling Recipe to be Parametric

13m 09s

Setting Up Production Rates

6m 29s

Revising the Excavation Recipe

8m 43s

Setting Duration to Scale with Equipment

11m 33s

Oops. Fixing Mistakes with Scenarios

3m 50s

Revising the Model to Allow for 2 TBMs

7m 37s

Exploring Solutions with 2 TBMs

6m 02s

Exporting from ALICE to P6

2m 58s

Module 7: Course Wrap Up - 3m 32s

Course Wrap Up

1m 05s

ALICE Outtakes

2m 27s

Explore ALICE Capabilities

"ALICE has allowed us to be more competitive in the bid and more efficient during the project's execution"

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Senior Vice President - Parsons