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Primavera P6 Skills Assessment Tool

Build a confident, skilled and productive team by enhancing your hiring strategy. Select the best skilled candidates based on real data.

Hire better. Hire faster.

Hiring comes with its own set of challenging obstacles. Posting on job sites or hiring recruiters can be expensive and time-consuming, involving advertising a job post, conducting interviews, and making final decisions. Our Primavera P6 Assessment is designed to give you the confidence needed to make the right hiring decision.

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How We Assess Primavera P6 Skills

1) This is a self-administered in-depth skills exam evaluated knowledge of:

  • Critical Path Methodology (CPM)
  • General Primavera P6 Knowledge
  • Schedule Creation
  • Schedule Updating
  • Variance Analysis and Forecasting

2) Sign up, get access to the exam and complete it within the allotted time

3) Receive a report of current skills score

Primavera P6 Skills Assessment Tool

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  • Hiring

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A Well-Rounded Primavera P6 Assessment

We speak the same language as Primavera P6 schedulers and come from real-industry experience.

How you measure skills is critical. We use hands-on challenges in real scheduling scenarios to understand proficiency at a deeper level than you’ll ever get anywhere else.

  • Assess skills in realistic scenarios that align with on-the-job responsibilities
  • Let schedulers showcase their skills in familiar environments
  • See how schedulers work in high pressure analysis scenarios and more

We test schedulers in these areas: 

  1. Critical Path Methodology (CPM) Skills such as identifying driving relationships
  2. General Primavera P6 Knowledge including navigating different settings
  3. Schedule Creation Skills such as breaking projects into work packages and activities
  4. Schedule Update Skills such as identifying and resolving progress update issues
  5. Variance Analysis & Forecasting Skills such as estimating durations

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