How to convince your boss to pay for your training

With advanced technology, ever-evolving market and competition, it’s critical for project controllers, schedulers and planners in the construction industry to stay on top of their game. Continuing education and project management training are the keys to advancing skills for controllers, schedulers and planners in the construction field.

But how do you convince your boss to pay for your training?

The simple answer is to roll up your sleeves and create a mini-proposal that hits home. And be ready to answer some questions. With a well-defined proposal that highlights all of the benefits for the company, your boss will be eager to take out the company wallet. Here are some steps outlining what to cover.

The Impact on Current Projects or Role

While generalized training is good, timely training can be utilized on the job right away. Your boss will want to know how what you’ve learned can be used on the current corporate projects. Be prepared to give some real-time answers.

For example, construction management software training will allow you keep track of the current project’s progress and easily collaborate with workers on the project. This approach is a home run. It directly emphasizes the positive effect of training on your role and the company.

Certifications and Degrees

If your goal is to attain a certificate or degree, present the larger learning goal in a manner that shows how the learning is directly related to the company’s needs. Outline how the specific skills learned from certificate-oriented instruction will close skill gaps.

And if you’re seeking a degree, ensure that it lines up with your career path within the company. This way, your larger learning goal is strategic and not opportunistic.

Useful and Cost Effective

Present the reasons why the training is a good fit and the best value. Your boss will want to ensure that you’ve done your research before he reaches into the company funds.

Prepare a list of key learning outcomes from the training, such as competence in analyzing cost statistics or preparing documents in compliance with regulations. With defined learning outcomes and a good value, your boss is more likely to make the decision that the training makes good financial sense.

Company Growth and Profits

The goal of a business is to grow and make money. Create a factual list of how the training you want to take will have a positive impact on profits, such as streamlining the construction and reporting process, implementing new methods, accurate analysis of costs and the planning of new projects.

Prepare a current list of where the company is now and use charts and graphs to display projected growth as a result of the training.

When you step into the boss’s office to ask for funds for professional training, you’re really a sales person. You’ve got to sell the worthiness of the training. Follow these steps, and you’ll win the jackpot.

What information would you make sure to present when trying to win over your boss?

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