6 New P6 Features v23

Oracle’s Primavera P6 Professional has long been a trusted project management software by industries worldwide to streamline processes and enhance project efficiency. With the release of version 23.12, Oracle continues its commitment to innovation, delivering a suite of enhancements designed to empower project managers and teams like never before. Let’s explore some of the key new features that make Primavera P6 P6 version 23.12 a game-changer in project management.

Resource Analysis Role Limit Calculation Refinement

Managing resources effectively is crucial for project success. With version 23.12, Oracle has refined the role limit calculation in resource analysis, allowing project managers to allocate resources more accurately. This enhancement enables better resource planning, ensuring that projects are adequately staffed without overburdening resources.

Project Checker Improvement

Quality assurance is paramount in project management, and the Project Checker in P6 Professional just got even better. Version 23.12 introduces significant improvements to the Project Checker tool, enhancing its functionality and reliability. Project managers can now identify and rectify potential issues with greater ease, leading to smoother project workflows and fewer errors down the line.

p6 project checker


Paste Data from Excel Directly into P6 Professional

Seamlessly transferring data between Excel spreadsheets and P6 Professional has never been easier. With version 23.12, users can now directly paste data from Excel into P6 Professional, eliminating the need for manual data entry and saving valuable time. This feature streamlines the data import process, fostering greater efficiency and accuracy in project management tasks.

p6 excel

Department of Energy (DOE) – Contractor Project Performance (CPP) Export Feature Enhanced

Enhanced DOE – CPP export features in Primavera P6 version 23.12 offer users greater flexibility and control when exporting project data. Whether generating reports or sharing project information with stakeholders, this enhancement ensures that data exports are tailored to meet specific requirements, facilitating clearer communication and informed decision-making.

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Projects Window Column to Count the Number of Projects in a Group

Managing multiple projects within a group just got simpler with the addition of a new column in the Projects window. Version 23.12 introduces a column that displays the number of projects within a group, providing project managers with a quick overview of project groupings. This enhancement improves project organization and navigation, allowing users to effortlessly manage project portfolios.

p6 project count

Add Curtains to Timescale Logic Diagrams and Gantt Layouts in P6 Visualizer

Visualizing project timelines is essential for understanding project progress and dependencies. P6 Visualizer in version 23.12 introduces the ability to add curtains to timescale logic diagrams and Gantt layouts, enhancing the visual representation of project schedules. This feature provides users with greater clarity and insight into project timelines, facilitating better decision-making and resource allocation.

Any User can Import Projects from Excel Spreadsheets

Empowering users to import projects from Excel spreadsheets regardless of their role and permissions enhances collaboration and accessibility within P6.  Version 23.12 removes restrictions on project imports, enabling any user to seamlessly bring project data into P6 Professional from Excel, fostering collaboration and streamlining project workflows.

Overall, Oracle’s Primavera P6 Professional version 23.12 represents a significant leap forward in project management tools, offering enhanced features and functionality to streamline project workflows, improve resource management, and foster collaboration. Whether it’s refining resource allocation, improving quality assurance, or streamlining data import processes, version 23.12 empowers project managers and teams to achieve greater efficiency and success in their projects. With these enhancements, Oracle continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and excellence in project management solutions.

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