Performance Percent Complete in Primavera P6 – The Missing Manual

The Relation Between Earned Value and Performance % Complete missing manual

In an ideal project monitoring setup, your project would record the planned progress and the actual progress in every control period. Planned progress is presented by the Schedule % Complete field. Actual progress is presented by Performance % Complete, which is the subject of this article.

Performance % Complete is depended on many settings and intermediate values, including Activity % Complete, which itself depends on either Duration % Complete, Units % Complete, or Physical % Complete. One can use each of those intermediate values directly to receive actual progress, but a best practice is to set up Performance % Complete appropriately and use it instead of those intermediate fields.

The Relation Between Earned Value and Performance % Complete

You should have a minimum knowledge of the EVM (Earned Value Management) in order to fully understand the way Performance % Complete is calculated in Primavera P6. If you are not familiar with the concept, please have a read through our Earned Value in P6 Briefly and Performance Percent Complete article.

Earned Value, or EV for short, presents

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