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Where do you look to learn new ideas, get inspiration, and discover new tools? We’ve entered a new decade and opportunities are always there to become better in your industry. In project management there is constant change that can be proven by the new technologies and digital transformations that have been occurring globally.

Attending annual project controls conferences can increase your chances of success by giving you the opportunity to network with industry experts and the ability to take away great ideas, tools and best practices which you otherwise would not have been exposed too.

Use these conferences to set yourself up for success!

Check out 30 top project controls conferences below, and pick a few to attend this year to hit the ground running in 2020.


Top 2020 Project Controls Conferences


Earn Value Management Conferences


EVM World 2020 – Integrated Program Performance Management (IPPM)

Date & Location: June 9-11, 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, FL

This is the 36th annual international workshop session which is noted to offer EVM project performance techniques and project controls information to its attendees. Learn about integrated project performance management, cost control and more.

This year’s conference has training on current topics, software consulting, and the ability learn from professionals in the field. Attendees will also have the chance to socialize and network at the orientation, speaker reception and all attendee reception.

ICEVAEVM 2020: International Conference on Earned Value Analysis and Earned Value Management

Date & Location: December 3-4, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan

The ICEVAEVM 2020 conference is focused on getting academics, researchers, scholars and other professionals to join and share their experiences and findings regarding earned value analysis and earned value management.

This year’s event is a place for professionals and practitioners to present and discuss innovations, trends, risks and solutions and more when working in the field of earned value management/analysis.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) Conferences


CanBIM – Vancouver Regional Sessions 2020

Date and Location: February 4-5, 2020 in Vancouver, BC

The CanBIM conference this year is focused on providing new methods, technologies, and more to the attendees on future climate-friendly buildings and cities. This session is centered around the move towards low carbon environment and processes it wilt take to produce this change.

Meet up with fellow professionals attend sessions on topics like Oracle’s strategy for digital transformation, the role of digital tools and automation, how to make BIM relevant during construction and much more.


Date and Location: March 31-April 1, 2020 in Paris

BIM World Paris is focused on how digital technology is positively impacting the construction, property and infrastructure markets. Over 5 years, BIM World Paris has been at the forefront in offering a different perspective in asking “how” one can transition and the benefits – this transition is inevitable.

This year’s conference has gathered professionals to offer their expert opinions on topics like what and how digital operations can contribute to the productivity and financial performance of an organization, how it contributes to competitiveness and quality of service, and more.

Adapting to the changes that’s occurring in date and age is what this conference strives to teach. Learn from their scheduled masterclasses, innovation sessions, group discussions, and more.

Nordic BIM Summit

Date and Location: March 31-April 1, 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden

Nordic BIM Summit 2020 is one of the Largest BIM conferences about building and infrastructure. During this conference attendees will learn about the advancements in this field and how it’s changing the world.
A keynote speaker is scheduled to be presented by Autodesk who will talk more about adopting to digital technology.

You can also book 1-2-1 meetings in the lounge to network and share experiences with fellow professionals and get inspired by pop-up lectures about new trends, technologies and best practices.

5th International Conference on 3D Printing Technology and Innovations

Date and Location: April 22-23, 2020 in Berlin, Germany

This 5th International conference on 3D printing is the place to be to learn from scientists, engineers, directors of companies about research that was conducted globally.

Collaborate with experts and participate in sessions and explore business applications of 3D printing and more from industry professionals. Some topics to look forward to are advances in 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology, how to apply it in health care and medicine, innovations, printing materials, benefits, impact and more.

2020 European BIM Summit

Date and Location: May 28-29,2020 in Barcelona

The European BIM Summit is an annual international conference that is the top event on construction digitalization in Europe. The organizers of this event focused on spreading best practices when using BIM, the methodologies and how to nest align BIM internationally – all intertwined with Building a smart Spain.

This event gathers more than 8,000 building professionals who are skilled in all phases from planning to execution and everything else in between during the building process.


Oil & Gas Conferences


Blockchain in Oil & Gas Canada

Date and Location: February 11-12, 2020 in Calgary, Alberta

The 2nd annual blockchain in oil and gas Canada will be an event filled with stakeholders and decision makers to discuss the transformational effect of blockchain and how it is revolutionising the industry by producing new opportunities.

Attendees will learn how to leverage blockchain from experts and about investment, applications of blockchain, how to bring a strategy into reality, changes the Canadian compliance and much more. If your company or position focuses on Emerging technology, digital transformation, information technology, solution architecture or software engineering, then this conference is worth a look.

5th Annual IoT in Oil and Gas Canada

Date and Location: February 13-14, 2020 in Calgary, Alberta

The 5th annual IoT conference is focused on offering attendees’ solutions for current industry challenges such as data management, cybersecurity, cost reduction, emission reduction, trends, opportunities and more.
Some speakers to look forward to learning from are from various organizations like Canadian Natural Resources, Birchcliff Energy, Suncor Energy, ExxonMobil and more. This event is key to developing planning and implementing strategies for Canada’s upstream, midstream or downstream oil and gas industry.

Some new additions to this year’s conference are more data analytics sessions, using BI tools and Edge best practices, change management, new technologies and more.

“Michigan Show” Spring Convention & Trade Show

Date and Location: March 31-April 2, 2020 in Grand Rapids, MI

This year’s event will be featuring new tanker trailers, gasoline pumps and more with 10 hours delegated to the trade show, 12 educational seminars, networking events, a silent auction, casino party and more. Something important to note, to attend you must own, operate or work for one of the following: gas station retailer, truck stop, petroleum marketer/ distributor, major oil company and more.

Global Petroleum Show 2020

Date and Location: June 9-11, 2020 in Calgary, Canada

The Global Petroleum Show is known to be North America’s leading energy event. This is a 3-day event that hosts 170+ industry experts who will share their knowledge through technical sessions and other presentations. Meet fellow professionals and learn about new technologies, ideas, and learn about strategies and tech that can help the future of the oil and gas, renewable, and energy industry.

Get 50+ hours of education, 1,000+ exhibits, 22,500+ companies being represented and more.


Shutdown Turnaround & Outage (STO) Conferences


The Global Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage (STO) Forum

Date and Location: March 25-26, 2020 in Amsterdam

This conference will dive deep into the process of how to successfully apply and navigate through STO’s that can impact the company. If you’re a planner, scheduler, production supervisor, outage coordinator, reliability engineer, project manager, procurement, and related roles – this event is for you. The organizers will be hosting 24 speakers, highlighting 24 case studies, with an estimate of 200+ participants.

19th Annual Shutdowns, Turnarounds Super Conference

Date and Location: December 8-9, 2020 in Calgary, Alberta

The 19th annual Shutdown, Turnarounds Super Conference is the place to be to network with key players in the chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, mining, power and utilities, and other related industries. Learn how to get your turnaround on track if it takes a turn, how to integrate capital projects with turnarounds, how to successfully apply turnarounds, latest technologies and more.

This event will highlight current and future trends and how it can be dealt with in a way that everyone comes out on top.


Aerospace Conferences


41st IEEE Aerospace Conference

Date and Location: March 7-14, 2020 in Big Sky, Montana

The 41st annual Aerospace conference is organized to highlight the aerospace system, the science and technology behind it, as well as how and where it is being applied to government and commercial organizations. Attend sessions that are hosted by highly ranks professionals in the government and military field to learn about cutting edge technology and to network with fellow professionals.


Construction Conferences


Construction CPM Conference

Date and Location: January 19-22, 2020 in Walt Disney World, Florida

This event will give you the chance to study and practice the theory of CPM. Learn through hands-on exercises like a mock trial, sessions that are focused on estimating, cost and risk and gain some how-to skills on software solutions.

This event is geared towards construction professionals who are interested in studying and learn about the critical path method of planning and scheduling analysis.

World of Concrete 2020 Exhibits

Date and Location: February 4-7, 2020 in Las Vegas

This event was launched in Texas in 1975 and is now hosting 1,500 exhibits with 60,000 industry professionals. The world of Concrete offers products and resources of value to those in the industry. Check out tools, services, products, and original equipment manufacturers from all over the world who are exclusive to the U.S distributors of equipment.

Organized to help benefit professionals in all segments in construction, this is a great even to network with like-minded specialists from all around the world.

Construction Institute Summit

Date and Location: February 20-22, 2020 in Los Angeles, California

The focus for this year’s event is “20/20: Challenge the past and engineer tomorrow”. The Construction Institute Summit is organized to being together contractors, owners, designers and other key players in in the construction industry.

Attendees will have the opportunity to chime in discussions with industry professionals and innovators, help find real-world solutions to current problems, get an insider tour and participate in a team project, network with industry peers, and earn PDHs from technical sessions, tours and keynotes.

37th Annual World of Modular Convention & Trade show

Date and Location: March 9-12, 2020 in Orlando, Florida

This event is presented as an open forum where those who are interested in modular construction can go to learn and get inspired. This is the place to be to connect with manufactures, dealers of commercial modular buildings globally and more.

This 37th annual event offer educational sessions, exhibits, information about trends, entertainment and more. The key speakers include the Founder of Travelocity, CEO & Founder of Sage Policy Group, Inc., a speaker from McKinsey & Company among list of others.

If your drawn to prefab and modular construction either for work or personal, this is your opportunity to meet with MBI’s staff, 100 modular builders, developers, contactors, architects, dealers, and suppliers. Learn about topic like lean construction, integration of modular, LEED, and much more.


Engineering Conferences


International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering 2020 (ICACE)

Date and Location: February 3-4, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan

The International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering is organized to bring together academics, students, scholars, scientists and engineers from all over the world. The focus here it so highlights key threats and risks to information systems, how to develop strong security culture and investigations.

If you’re interested in joining, they are now accepting papers.

5th World Congress on Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering

Date and Location: April 19-21, 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal

Following the previous event structure, the 5th annual World Congress is comprised of 3 individual conferences and themes, however they the topics do overlap throughout. These 3 independent conferences are the 5th International Conference on Geotechnical Research and Engineering (ICGRE’20), 5th International Conference on Structural Engineering and Concrete Technology (ICSECT’20) and the 5th International Conference on Environmental Pollution, Treatment and Protection (ICEPTP’20).

This event is ideal for scientists, researchers, industrial engineers, academics, and related roles in the civil, structural and environmental engineering fields.


Project Controls Conferences


Project Controls Expo 2020

Date and Location: TBD

The Project Controls Expo is known as one of the largest international project controls conferences organized. This event is very hands-on with technical sessions, job fair, and presentations from industry experts from the oil and gas, construction, defence, government and other related fields.

More details about this conference is to be released as this conference usually occurs sometime during the last quarter of the year.

Advancing Project Controls Summit 2020

Date and Location: February 3-5, 2020 in Houston, Texas

The Advancing Project Controls Summit was developed to highlight ideas from Project Controls specialist throughout the construction, oil and gas, energy, and chemical industries to encourage discussion about the challenges and innovations within this industry.

Learn about leveraging data and AI to transform effectiveness of project controls, how to create and drive company standards, how to implement technology at the job site and in office, how to identify and quantify risk and more.

SeminarsWorld in San Antonio

Date and Location: March 9-12, 2020 in San Antonio, Texas

Attend this conference and earn up to 29 PDUs and 2.9 CEUs while you learn about agile, PMO, leadership management, solving project management problems, tools and techniques and more.

SeminarWorld will give attendees access to a wide range of experts and other professionals that can help expand one’s career opportunity and expand industry knowledge.

Association for Project Management (AMP) 2020

Date and Location: March 17, 2020 in Edinburgh, Scotland

AMP hosts 3 different events, and this one is the first of the 3. This conference is organized to offer attendees the opportunity to network, gain knowledge on ground-breaking projects, best practices, career development and more.

The theme being Power of projects 2020, sessions are split into 3 streams: invest in yourself, project now and delivery masterclass. These sessions will highlight how to deal with delays, offer various approaches to solutions, tools and techniques and more.

Network with fellow professionals and learn in small groups at the annual event.

Project Management College of Scheduling

Date and Location: April 5-8, 2020 in New Orleans, Louisiana

This will be the 5th annual PMCOS conference on project, program and portfolio management. This event highlights steps to successfully deliver projects with technical training to help attendees collaborate, make better choices, learn about new technologies and be more informed when it comes to scheduling.

Topics that will be discussed are scheduling and risk tracking, claim tracker, agile project planning, BIM, project management auditing, ethics and more. If interested, they are accepting papers now.

PMO 2020 Conference

Date and Location: June 2-3, 2020 in London

This event is 100% PMO focused and is designed for PMO professionals who want to learn more about portfolio, programme and project offices. This is one full days of learning from expert speakers and networking with peers. Find out about recent PMO research, learn about new ideas, strategies and techniques, products and services and more with over 600 professionals in attendance.

Re-energise your work and reconnect at this annual PMO event.

PMI EMEA Congress 2020

Date and Location: June 14-16, 2020 in Prague, Czechia

The EMEA congress brings together professionals in the project, programme, and portfolio management industry from 70+ countries. The event will blend traditional and contemporary sessions that will put a spotlight on networking and how to stay competitive in the industry.

Learn from exerts presentations, workshops and an open forum discussion – a bonus, attendees can earn 17 PDUs to maintain your PMI certification by attending this conference.

2020 AACE International Conference and Expo

Date and Location: June 28-July 1, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois

As the success of the previous year’s, the AACE conference is an event that will give you a lot to take away and will highlight industry tools that will help enhance your career skills. Network with fellow professionals, attend technical sessions, and key notes. With 100+ hours of presentations and numerous exhibits learn about BIM, scheduling, cost management, Primavera P6, IT, risk management and more.

Project Controls Summit 2020

Date and Location: August 31- September 2, 2020 in San Antonio, Texas

The Project Controls Summit is organized for project professionals who are interested in learning how to implement real-world strategies, how to better communicate and how to practically do better at their job.

The theme for the 2020 event is gateway to the future to help nurture innovations through in class sessions, deep technical sessions, meetings about tactical tips and strategies, and more. Experts you will be able to network with are from various industries like planning and scheduling, cost management, cost estimating, forensic analysis and project risk management.

32nd International Project Management Association (IPMA) – World Congress

Date and Location: September 22-24, 2020 in St. Petersburg, Russia

The IPMA World Congress is focused on learning about project management in the digital transformation era. Meet and network with your peers from 70+ countries and learn from 140 speakers about new challenges and approaches, best practices, how to be flexible in your thinking about your projects and more.

Details on the theme of this conference is to be determined, but this event, as the last comprises of a range of programs that offer best practices, new academic findings, solutions and ideas to get attendees thinking about project management.

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It’s important to make goals and have a vision as to what direction you want to take when it comes your career. Are you planning on attending some conferences this year? If so, which ones and if not, how come?

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